Lyon Villeurbanne Medical Centre

Villeurbanne (69)

The Lyon-Villeurbanne Medical Centre, the largest private hospital in France, opened its doors in January 2019. The complex unites 7 healthcare establishments on a single site, the result of a cooperation between the private group, Capio and mutualist group, Résamut (Clinique Mutualiste de Lyon, Clinique de l’Union, Les Ormes rehabilitation centre, Pédiatrique de la Fougeraie rehabilitation centre, Centre Bayard rehabiliation centre, Clinique du Tonkin and Clinique du Grand Large). Capio, the third largest private hospital group in France with 22 establishments, was acquired in autumn by Ramsay Générale de Santé, Europe’s largest private hospital group with some 120 establishments across France.

Some key figures concerning this large clinic:
– floor area of 60,000 square metres
– 7 establishments in one place
– 750 beds
– 30 operating theatres
– 1,500 employees
– 300 physicians
– 50 specialities.

The hospital and maternity rooms have been equipped with GOODLIGHT LED wall lighting units.

Project Owners: RESAMUT and CAPIO
Project management: ARTELIA
Architect: SUD Architectes
General contractors: Bouygues Bâtiment Sud Est and Citinéa

Vertically and horizontally-mounted FLUIDYS special care bed head units have been installed in the recovery room and emergency/resuscitation unit.