New TLV realization : Long-Term Care Unit of Montmorency Hospital

Dec 5, 2023

🏥 A new TLV realization  For the Simone Veil Hospital in Montmorency!

Spotlight on the new Simone Veil hospital in Montmorency, highlighting our GOODWOOD architectural concept.

🌟 Highlights of our contribution:

As part of the major restructuring of the old maternity and emergency department, our collaboration with the A26 and TPFI architecture has resulted in the creation of a new Long-Term Care Unit (USLD) with 106 beds on nearly 7,500m²

This USLD unit serves as a medicalised structure to meet the needs of elderly people, offering them the essential comfort they need.

Custom GOODWOOD panels have been discreetly and efficiently integrated, ensuring customized aesthetics and optimal functionality for patients and care teams.

🏆 Exceptional collaboration :

Thanks to Driot for expertly installing the panels, and to Florian Mignot of A26 for his trust.

This project witnesses the close collaboration between our TLV teams, the Driot company and A26, United in the vision to create and equip a long-term care space that is both, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

📸 Discover the images of this transformation and stay tuned for more details!

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