Dijon Bourgogne Private Hospital

Dijon (21)

The hospital places great emphasis on outpatient surgery which is currently a rapid area of growth in the healthcare field in France. Opened in August 2017, it offers 288 beds spread over 4 Medical and Surgical departments, an Outpatients Department, a Cardiology Intensive Care Unit, a Mother and Child Centre, (Maternity, Paediatrics and Neonatology Unit), an Emergency department, and an OT/ICU Resuscitation unit made up of 21 operating rooms, 6 delivery rooms and an obstetrics unit.

LYSA LED wall lighting units were installed in the hospitalisation and maternity rooms.

The hospital has dedicated a large area to outpatient surgery, with the possibility of accommodating 70 patients a day. The outpatient rooms have been equipped with FLUIDYS special care bed head units.

FLUIDYS bed head units have also been installed in the delivery and neonatology rooms.

ILUS LED sealed lighting units have been chosen to illuminate the corridors and operating rooms in order to provide comfortable, high-performance lighting for both patients and care teams.
TLV has also equipped the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit (CICU).