The ambulatory concept is manufactured with FLUIDYS suspended profiles to which wooden panels are attached. These customized partitions enable the patient to be isolated from activity and from other people. preserves comfort and privacy.
The custom-made design of the panels, in 10 mm HPL, ensures optimum stability. They can be cut to the size and shape of your choice *. (*Within the limit of the maximum dimension of the panel) Only one supply point is necessary for 4 treatment stations. It is suspended from the ceiling and the partitions stand on feet to ensure optimal asepsis and easy cleaning.

The concept combines design and ergonomics. It preserves the privacy and comfort of the patient while keeping the efficiency of work for the nursing staff. It can accommodate 4 patients simultaneously. The management of each is facilitated and offers speed in the monitoring of each patient. The partitions are entirely custommade to take into account your needs and constraints about environment: solid color or wood, dimension of the partition, cutout shape …

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