New COCOON bed head unit

Mar 26, 2018

COCOON is a new concept of innovative bed head unit which has been completely redesigned

After a research work of the R&D department on the needs and uses of medical staff in hospitals, the TLV design office has designed this new bed head unit. Innovative on the market, the concept COCOON meets the requirements of the hospital world distinguishing the space of the patient from that of the nursing staff.

Combination of aesthetics and technique
The product consists of a vertical duct distributing low and extra low voltage equipment as well as medical gas and an efficient LED wall lighitng unit with its fine and clean lines. These two elements are separated by a wooden partition whose color is fully customizable according to the architecture of the hospital room and to contribute to the overall harmony.

Innovative and ergonomic
The COCOON concept meets different needs. First, it creates a patient space and a nursing area separated by a thin partition. This initiative enables the patient to create their own space away from the medical atmosphere, particularly anxiety-provoking. In addition, the product integrates a bedside table equipped with an ergonomic drawer, to enable convenient access to the patient. The bedside table is suspended to facilitate floor cleaning. The COCOON concept can also integrate various options such as a lock or a accessory mounting rail to offer maximum functionality to patients and healthcare teams.

Discover the product on video!