New Architectural Concept : The GOODWOOD MOVE

Jul 2, 2018

The GOODWOOD MOVE architectural concept for hospitals combines the functions of a medical bed head unit with the aesthetics of the room.

Ergonomics and aesthetics : a wining combination
The GOODWOOD MOVE concept assures the distribution of low, extra low – voltage and medical gases. The LED lighting is not only efficient and comfortable but you can also customize it depending on your needs : indirect lighting tray and FLEX-E-LED, Goodlight or Lysa lighting units. The product also integrates a sliding panel which can be on the right or on the left of the patient and that makes it possible to hide the medical equipment when not in use. This contributes to the well-being of the patient and preserves the working comfort of the nursing staff.

Hotel dimension for the hospital bedroom
The GOODWOOD MOVE concept provides a hotel spirit to the hospital room through the customizable wooden panel. Indeed this panel can be chosen to match the patient room decor : plain color, wooden finish, decorative film, there are many possibilities. The product also fits with the architecture and the design of the room. Thus you can have the medical device following the color of the furniture, which assure an aesthetical consistency.

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