A luminous ceiling SKYDECO installed in Italy

Jan 16, 2018

A luminous ceiling of 12 SKYDECO was inaugurated in Italy.
Indeed, TLV has recently equipped a room of silence at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin with SKYDECO luminaires giving the optical illusion of a sunny sky.
The silence Hall is a place dedicated to meditation and appeasement.
SKYDECO luminaires highlight the room deprive of natural light and brighten up the space.
They provide a sense of well-being to visitors, patients and care teams.

Many opportunities in the hospital environment

The realization of luminous ceiling with LED SKYDECO luminaires is also possible in examination rooms (radiology, scanner, recovery room, dialysis).
It enables the patient to relax in an anxiety environment.
It also provides extra work comfort for caregivers who often work in private daylight areas.

For more information on the SKYDECO ceiling light, consult the dedicated product sheet : https://www.tlv.fr/en/products/sky-ceiling-lighting-skydeco/