Victor Provo Hospital Centre

Roubaix (59)

The new maternity department at the Victor Provo de Roubaix Hospital Centre opened its doors in 2017. Project design teams have worked closely with healthcare professionals to create an ultra modern building, an area of comfort and well-being, integrated into a global environmental approach.

The maternity and neonatology rooms have been equipped with FLUIDYS special care bed head units.

The 13,000 m² Woman-Mother-Child Centre, separate from the hospital, is directly connected to the operating theatres and anaesthesia/recovery rooms of the Victor Provo Hospital Centre.

FLUIDYS bed head units have also been installed in the monitoring and resuscitation unit.

MULTIDYS panels hide the medical equipment in the delivery room and thereby alleviate stress felt by patients. TLV has also equipped the monitoring/resuscitation unit with TECH-CARE ceiling pendants.