Provence Private Hospital

Aix en Provence (13)

The hospital has a 25,000 m² OT/ICU Resuscitation unit, with 25 operating rooms and more than 300 beds and nursing stations, including 75 outpatient beds, 27 intensive care beds, 112 surgical beds, 25 chemotherapy beds, 60 medical beds and 6 short-stay care beds (rooms available in the emergency department for cases requiring short-term (1-2 day) monitoring). The hospital also has a hybrid operating room that combines virtual reality and surgery by equipping a standard room with an imaging system. The area being operated on can therefore be viewed in 3D and in real time.

MULTICARE EVOLUTION suspended columns have been installed in the recovery room.

The recovery room is modern and spacious to contribute to the well-being of patients and also to provide care teams with a comfortable working environment. It is able to accommodate many patients and supports the development of out-patient surgery which is one of the hospital’s goals. This means the patient spends less time in hospital.

It is now the largest private medical-surgical facility in the Aix-en-Provence region.

FLUIDYS special care bed head units have been installed in the rooms and treatment areas to provide comfortable, high-performance lighting as well as offering access to low/extra low voltage equipment and medical gas equipment.

STAGNO sealed lighting units provide lighting in the operating theatres, recovery room, monitoring unit and corridors.