Côtes d’Armor Private Hospital

Plérin (22)

Open since January 2016, the Côtes d’Armor Private Hospital is located in Plérin near St Brieuc.

TECH-CARE ceiling-mounted pendants have been installed in the delivery rooms. The ceiling pendants are concealed in a cupboard with a sliding door and are fully customised. This design reduces the patient’s anxiety when faced with medical devices.

The neonatology, resuscitation room and recovery rooms have been equipped with MULTICARE EVOLUTION suspended columns.

It covers an area of over 27,000 m² and has 15 operating theatres, 2 MRI rooms, 2 CT rooms,

4 ultrasound rooms, 2 mammography rooms and 4 particle accelerator rooms.

FLUIDYS bed head units have been installed in the recovery room, Continuing Care Unit, MRI & CT waiting areas and operating theatres.

STAGNO sealed lighting units light up the operating theatres and some of the hospital’s corridors.