Innovation, Dynamic Lighting

Lug 22, 2016

TLV products equipped with Dynamic Lighting combine two innovative technologies. By equipping a system with LED sources, energy efficiency can be improved and therefore the overall consumption of the system can be reduced, whilst the effects of natural lighting from sunrise to sunset are simulated by artificial intelligence.
This means that the lighting automatically adjusts its colour temperature and its brightness throughout the day and without requiring any intervention. The intelligence of the TLV Dynamic Lighting system resides in its ability to satisfy the lighting needs of health-care facilities and its ability to simulate the biological effects of natural light, which contributes to improving the day-to-day comfort of residents and medical personnel alike.

Dynamic Lighting creates a natural and stimulating light environment inside buildings. It boosts human feelings of well-being. It can also be adapted to the needs of its users. In a hospital setting, Dynamic Lighting can be a means to improve the comfort of patients and care personnel.